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Webisode - A Dress to Impress
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A Dress to Impress is Webisode 3 of the Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets series.


Ginger struggles to create the perfect dress for Pinkie to wear to the Yappy Awards but it doesn't turn out quite the way she had hoped. Will it be a smash hit or a fashion faux-"paw?


Pinkie is attending the Yappy Awards and who better to design her dress than her best friend, Ginger? Ginger wants to make the perfect red carpet dress, but she is such a perfectionist that she keeps changing Pinkie's gown. Meanwhile, Pinkie gets a call from Pepper, who is doing the runway music for Karl Barkerfeld's show. He wants Pinkie to wear one of his dresses!

Pepper tells her it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, but Pinkie decides to stick with her friend's gown instead. But Ginger becomes frustrated as she changes the gown again and ultimately ruins it. She is upset because she feels like she let Pinkie down. When Pinkie tells her about Karl's dress, Ginger also encourages Pinkie to wear his dress, but she appreciates that Pinkie wanted to stand by her. Ginger does however get the idea of turning the ruined gown into an accessory for Pinkie. She ends up wearing it as a shawl over the Barkerfeld dress.


  • Ginger: What? THE Karl Barkerfeld, offered you a dress? ...Why are you still here?


  • Pinkie thought that she should say that the dress Ginger made for her looked like a 5-year old made it