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A Three Piece Outfit is Webisode 1 of the Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets series.


Welcome to Pinkie Post! Pinkie Cooper and her friends collaborate to create a fabulous post for her fashion blog about New York fashion week...


Pinkie welcomes everyone viewing to her blog, the Pinkie Post, while showing pictures of herself from all over. She talks about how much she enjoys fashion before she is shown at a fashion show with her pet pooch, Lil Pinkie. Pinkie warns Lil Pinkie to keep an eye out for the perfect outfit to put onto her blog when suddenly, Lil Pinkie hops up onto the stage and begins to tug on a dress. Which Pinkie deems perfect.

Pinkie goes on to then describe her best friend Ginger, a self-titled Design Wizard. Ginger is currently in the middle of trying to get pictures of a brand new fashion so that she can send them to Pinkie for her blog, but Sprinkles keeps getting in the way. However, she can't stay mad at her. It's suddenly that she finds herself inspired and she begins to decorate Sprinkles with some cloth and ribbons.

Pinkie moves on to her next and final friend, Pepper. She describes her as it's then shown what Pepper is doing. Pepper is at the store with Saltine and she can't decide if she wants to send Pinkie a copy of the song she's found for her, or if she wants a regular vinyl CD of it. But she ends up deciding on both, much to Saltine's agreement.

With this all said and done, Pinkie meets up with Ginger and Pepper outside while she shuts off her Ipad device. She greets them while claiming that she's very lucky and happy to have them as her friends, along with their help as it comes to an end.