This page is a list to all of the characters introduced from Pinkie Cooper's world. For more information on the characters view their individual pages!


  • Pinkie Cooper - The main character, Pinkie is a friendly girl who loves to help others feel their best.
  • Pepper Parson - Pepper is one of Pinkie's BBF's. She's very brave and courageous
  • Ginger Jones - Pinkie's other BFF, Ginger is a true sweetie.


  • Lil Pinkie - An adorable pooch who is always poised, except when she sees fashion faux paws!
  • Saltine - A Sassy little sidekick rescued by Pepper.
  • Sprinkles - A little bit spoiled, Sprinkles means well.


  • Karl Barkerfeld - A world famous designer whom the girls look up to.
  • The Butler - One of Karl Barkerfeld's employees.
  • Dalmatian Pilot - The lady who flies Barkerfeld's private jet.
  • Background Characters - These miscellaneous and often glamorous characters can be seen in the various cities the Jet Set Pets visit.