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Diamond in the Ruff is Webisode 5 of the Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets series.


After Pepper leaves the photo shoot for her upcoming concert, she realizes that she accidentally forgot to return a valuable necklace. Pinkie and Ginger join her in a scooter pursuit through the streets of Manhattan to catch up with the photographer and return the necklace before he leaves town.


Pinkie and Ginger are outside waiting for Pepper to finish with her photoshoot. When she comes outside after another minute they ask her how it went before Pinkie points out the necklace hanging from her neck. At first Pepper doesn't seem to get it until she looks down to see that she forget to take the necklace that she used during the photoshoot off!

They watch the photographer drive by before Pepper mentions he will be going straight to L.A. for something tonight. How can she give it back to him now? Pinkie thinks they can still catch him however, so the three girls use their scooters and split up in hopes of finding him.

All goes well until Pinkie is stopped by traffic. But she manages to find a scooter route below the street and takes it in order to get right next to him. But when he suddenly turns, Ginger is able to follow him for a road before he turns into the same one Pepper is on also. As Pepper comes close, she is stopped by the huge amount of traffic!

Saltine points out a shortcut to Pepper and they quickly follow it, only to come to a metal gate. She is quick to climb over it, but ends up falling as she reaches the top after her dress snags on it.

She falls to the ground, just as the photographer is taking his luggage out of his van. As she approaches him, along with Pinkie and Ginger they see him turn to them, asking what happened to Pepper. After she explains what happened, he informs her that he must have forgotten to mention that he was giving it to her as a gift for the shoot. This surprise makes Pepper fall back, and while the trio share a laugh he takes a picture of them.

Using her blog webpage, Pinkie shows the viewers pictures from the photoshoot. Having gotten a sneak peak. While it hadn't been what they were expecting the lable happened to love it. So much in fact that they changed the concert from "Pepper's Concert" to "A Diamond in the Ruff".



  • Pinkie's shoes are from her Paris collection. While Pepper's dress looks a lot like her originally drawn dress.