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Fortunately Unfortunate is Webisode 4 of the Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets series.


Pepper has a new gig in Shanghai so Pinkie and Ginger join her for the long flight. The girls finish their on-flight meal with a fortune cookie which predicts the future… or does it…?


I hopes of encouraging everyone's moode for Shanghai, Pepper has ordered everyone some chinese food. She also has included one for the captain, who informs her that they will be taking off soon so they should buckle up. After doing so, the girls open their fortune cookies and all get good, encouraging words of wisdom.... that is except for Pinkie, who is adviced to stay away from her two best friends!

Nobody understands why the fortune says that but they ignore it and just go ahead to eat until they stuff themselves. One more dumpling is left, so Ginger asks if Pinkie or Pepper would like them, but it falls onto Pepper's dress and leaves a big grease stain. They begin to wonder if the fortune cookie was right but Pinkie refuses to believe that and suggests they just fix it. She grabs the nearby curtain and informs them of her idea, which she believes they can pull it off before the jet even lands. But Pepper doesn't think they can just use the curtains until the captain tells the girls that they had been planning to remodel the jet to fit a brand new luggage line.

So with everyone's encouragement, Ginger quickly gets to work making a brand new dress. She manages to finish the dress but when they are informed that landing will be happening any minute now, she's worried since they don't have any time for a fitting. Pepper quickly takes the dress to change and luckily, it fits great!

The captain meanwhile, happens to read the very same fortune that Pinkie had gotten, then comments that it's silly, all though the food was quite spicy for her. She is quick to realize she left the speaker on however and quickly shuts it off while the girls share a laugh as they land. 


  • Pinkie: Avoid Ginger and Pepper, they will only lead to heartache and pain? What?!


  • The girls appear in their party fashion pack outfits in this episode!