Lil Pinkie
Lil Pinkie is the pet of Pinkie Cooper and friend of Saltine and Sprinkles.

Compared to Sprinkles and Saltine, she is known for being mature and poised. But this composure can be lost the moment she sees bad fashion mistakes, or very good ones she has to point out right away!


Lil Pinkie is the most soft-spoken of the three pets, due to being a classy, sophisticated, and poised pooch. No matter what she looks her best and acts lady-like. But the one thing to set her off and totally make her lose composure is when she sees fashion faux paws, due to her refined sense of style. Acording To Pinkie Cooper, Lil Pinkie is always there to lend a helping paw, In A Three Piece Outfit Lil Pinkie jumps on the catwalk and tugs a model's blue dress ,Pinkie accepts Lil Pinkie's choice. 


Like Sprinkles and Saltine, Lil Pinkie matches Pinkie Cooper a lot. She is a white pup with very long curls of hair/ears, worn with sparkling pink ribbons. Around her neck is a pearl necklace attached to a shimmering pink neck piece. In the animated series, Lil Pinkie has white fur, and she has Gold-ish yellow ears with big pink bows that are similar to Pinkie Cooper's bows.

Unlike the other two pets she lacks any other coloring on her body. But she has pink spots at her forehead and a heart and spots at the mid section of her left arm.

Beverly HillsEdit

Lil Pinkie's ears are curled fancily and she wears a pair of red sunglasses and a big gold necklace/collar.


For her inspiration in London, Lil Pinkie's ears have been shaped to resemble Sprinkles and are white. She wears a pink, yellow, pale blue, and pale green shawl and jacket-piece with a yellow bow.


Lil Pinkie has puffed her ears to resemble pale pink Afro puffs. She wears a long pink scarf with tiny white polka dots.

Dress-up Lil PinkieEdit

(please note that this is a temporary name)

Lil Pinkie comes with ears coated in pink glitter, along with a pink shawl/neck piece with shiny pieces embedded in it, a pink neck piece with silvery gems, a pale pink bow with silver in the middle, silver tiara, pink silk leash, silver necklace, and finally a dog food bowl with tray. and not to furrget she is a pup who stylish talent



  • Lil Pinkie is a smaller verison of Pinkie Cooper except, Lil Pinkie has more dog-like features
  • Lil Pinkie has pink eye-shadow and ears simalar to Pinkie Cooper and a pink neck picece with a pearl necklace in the animated series