This page is for any and all of the released/not released merchandise from Pinkie Cooper. You can see info, pics, and details.

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(Dolls and Series of dolls)

Runway CollectionEdit

The most common piece of merchandise shown so far at this point. Pinkie, Pepper, and Ginger have dressed up for a formal 2013 fall runway. Each fashionable pooch comes with an exclusive dress, shoes, and a cute purse.

Travel FashionsEdit

Three special Pinkie Cooper dolls based on her travels through some of her favorite cities: London, Beverly Hills, and Paris!

  • London - London Pinkie's style is inspired by rainy weather. Comes with umbrella and camera.
  • Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills Pinkie is ready to do some shopping with her rich pup! Comes with purse.
  • Paris - Paris Pinkie lives everyday riding her scooter through the streets. Comes with flowers.

London Lil Pinkie has a shawl and white strands of hair/ears. Beverly Hills Lil Pinkie has sunglasses, collar, and blonde curly hair. And Paris Lil Pinkie has a pink scarf and pink afro pigtails.

Jet Set PetsEdit

If you wanna give your doll a more glamorous pup now you can! Just buy one of these for a glittery, fashionable little pup. There is one for each for the three pets and they all include glittery ears an outfit, 2-3 acessories, food bowl and stand, and a leash.

Oddly, Lil Pinkie does not have gold acessories, like Pinkie is shown to have. Instead it is Saltine.

Also note that it seems non glitter versions will be made too.

Fashion PacksEdit

Night OutEdit

A lovely, shiny, party that everyone is invited to! Each girl has her own theme/event she is attending and it's up to you to style them up right. Each set comes with fashion, shoes, hair/ears, acessory, and a purse.

Pinkie's theme is the vintage collection, Pepper's is a Benefit Gala, and Ginger's is Dance Recital Gala.

Other Toys/MerchandiseEdit


  • Paris Scooter - A pinky perfect scooter that's a must for any girl on the go!


  • Stylers - A cute styling head that one can style and play with.

Wardrobe CaseEdit

A storage unit for your Pinkie Cooper dolls! Styled to resemble Pinkie's own travel case, it has enough room to hold:

  • 2 dolls
  • 2 dogs
  • Three to Four sets of shoes
  • Passport and Brush
  • Two or Three sets of wigs
  • Four purses
  • One to Two dresses

Now you can bring your most favorite Pinky pieces wherever you go!


  • Depending on some parts of the world, an alternate Pinkie, Ginger, and Pepper doll can be found. They will be wearing hats instead of their flower-themed clips.