Oh RIo-ly is Webisode 6 of the Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets series.
Oh Rioly


Pinkie and Pepper jet to Brazil with Ginger who is staging a huge Rio Fashion Week event. Even though the venue is not what they expected, they find a way to make it magical...


As the girls get into a taxi, they are joined by a famous blogger Pinkie Admires. When she recognizes Pinkie, she proceeds to momentarily faint before thanking her for visiting her blog so much. Pinkie then mentions Ginger to her after hearing her problem and suggests that they help her out. She then takes off and asks them to text her if they need anything.

After the girls arrive to their location they are shocked to find it's very old-fashioned and very creepy inside. It isn't at all like they imagined, so Pinkie contacts Mia to make sure this is the right place. Mia doesn't help them, instead telling them to just do their best. While Pinkie and Ginger initially refuse, Pepper tells them it's worth a shot.

So with that, she blasts her music to scare the wild animals out of the building, then everyone cleans inside. While Pinkie and Pepper are happy they managed to fix it, Ginger is concerned that everything she brought with her is going to clash and it will ruin the entire thing. So she goes outside to mope until someome comes by to inform her that it's the only original place still here in Rio.

This is just the thing Ginger needed to perk her up and she gets back to work after asking to borrow his surfboard.

That night the girls are complimented for a job well done, then points out they were in the wrong location... the NEW Royal they were to be using was BEHIND the old one!

After the party, Pinkie goes over what happened using her blog and points out that sometimes mistakes are okay to make, as long as you have the right friends to help you out.