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Party Troopers is Webisode 2 of the Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets series.


When Pinkie, Pepper and Ginger can't get into Karl Barkerfeld's exclusive party in Paris they get creative and make their own fun!


Pinkie, Ginger, and Pepper are in Paris and have been invited to a famous designer's exclusive party! While riding their scooters on the way there, they go over Pinkie's plan to interview the designer, Karl Barkerfeld. Unfortunately, when they get to his house, the guard tells them their invitation will only allow two guests. Instead of leaving someone behind, they decide to bring the party to them.

Pepper sets up her DJ booth and plays music. Ginger decorates a backdrop and a red carpet with her fabrics. Pinkie gets ready to do a live cast for the Pinkie Post. When they are finished, they start interviewing the glamorous guests of Karl Barkerfeld's party as they arrive.

Eventually, Karl Barkerfeld himself appears in all of the commotion and invites all three of them inside, happy to do the interview. Pinkie accepts, but decides to finish talking to all of his fashionable guests first.



  • The phrase Party Troopers is come from the phrase used to describe someone who doesn't like parties or ruins them, a "party pooper".