Sprinkles is the pet pooch belonging to Ginger Jones. She is the friend of Saltine and Lil Pinkie.

A pampered sweetie, Sprinkles has a great fashion sense and happens to be a blue ribbon pedigree.


While she is well behaved and helpful towards Ginger, Sprinkles happens to be quite spoiled. She prefers to have the best of the best, whether it be food or an accessory bow. She does not come off as snobby or rude though. She is actually pretty gentle and sweet. As well as loving, even if she likes attention now and then...

Despite just being a pet, she happens to be very fashion forward. She does not see it as a privilege, but a right, and always seems to know which accessories goes with what. To the point that Ginger believes she may even be psychic, in a sense that she can always guess which item goes with each outfit.


Sprinkles is a white border collie puppy with a brown left arm, tail, and marks around both eyes, with the right eye marking being bigger. She also has random little spots on her left paw and above her leg eye. Her nose is black. Sprinkles' ears/hair is dark brown and worn layered with many single strands.

She wears a shimmer purple bow on her right ear, matching her shimmering purple frilly neck piece, attached to her pearl necklace.

Sprinkles DollEdit

Sprinkles comes with ears coated in purple glitter, along with a black and white striped shawl/outfit piece and a purple bow, a black lace hat with silver piece in the middle, silver tiara, silver silk leash, and finally a dog food bowl with tray.

Animated SprinklesEdit

In the cartoon series, Sprinkles is much lighter in color, while her markings seem to have switched sides. When open, her eyes are revealed to be very pale lilac in color.

Sprinkles' dress up form makes an appearance as well. Instead of a tulle, black shawl piece she wears a purple and white piece around the neck, but keeps the same bow. She does not wear a tiara or bracelet, but her ears are turned glittery purple and worn with a purple piece to match Ginger's.

Other OutfitsEdit

  • In the pilot/original webisode, Sprinkles wears her normal neck and ear bow. But also has on a sparkly purple shawl, five purple-blue glittery bows, and a gold crown with a blue pawprint in the center.